Bình chữa cháy bột khô MFZ4 - MFZL4 - MFZ4 - MFZL4

Model : MFZ4 - MFZL4

Brief introduction and application

Portable and cart extinguisher has a simple structure,flexible operation and convenient application,with the advantages of fast extinguishing speed,high efficiency,continuous or intermittent spraying.It is applicable to the extinguishments of preliminary fire caused by oil,flammable liquid,solid organics,gas and electric equipment.It is the ideal equipment for factory,office,school,hotel,oil pump house,filling station,chemical paint house and combustible places.

Main technical performance and parameters

Effective discharging time (s):≥9
Effective discharging range(m):≥4
Operating Temperature(℃):-20~55
Class rating:9B,2A
Working pressure(MPa):1.2
Hydraulic test(MPa):2.5


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